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OCTOBER - A novel by Michael Rowe



In the waning years of the 1990s, in an isolated rural town called Auburn, dark secrets run like blood. Everyone knows that sixteen-year old Mikey Childress is "different." A target for bullies since he was a small boy, everything Mikey does attracts abuse: the way he walks, the way he talks, the way he looks. But even the people who hate Mikey couldn't dream of how many secrets he has, or how badly he could hurt them if he wanted to. Until the night Mikey is pushed beyond endurance, the night he inadvertently opens a doorway that should never, ever have been opened, and unleashes something into the world that should have remained damned.

WILD FELL,A GHOST STORY - A novel by Michael Rowe, French Edition

Wild Fell

French Edition

September 2016

Éditions Bragelonne, Paris

WILD FELL, A GHOST STORY - A novel by Michael Rowe

Wild Fell


Finalist for the Shirley Jackson Award

The crumbling summerhouse called Wild Fell, soaring above the desolate shores of Blackmore Island, has weathered the violence of the seasons for more than a century. For a hundred years, the townspeople of Alvina have prayed that the darkness inside Wild Fell would stay there, locked away from the light.

ENTER, NIGHT - A novel by Michael Rowe

Enter, Night


Finalist for the Prix Aurora and the Sunburst Award

Parr's Landing is a town with secrets of its own buried in the caves around Bradley Lake. A three-hundred-year-old horror slumbers there, calling out to the insane and the murderous for centuries, begging for release—an invitation that has finally been answered.


Other Men's Sons: Essays by Michael Rowe

Other Men's Sons


Winner of the 2008 Randy Shilts Award for Nonfiction and a finalist for two Lambda Literary Awards

Michael's second collection of essays, including some of his best journalism and creative non-fiction written between 2000 and 2005.

Looking for Brothers: Essays by Michael Rowe

Looking for Brothers


Michael's first collection of award-winning essays and journalism, offering a multitude of perspectives on the common threads that run through gay men's lives, Hero magazine to note that his "concise presentation of facts without hyperbole is a model for the type of journalism many American writers have long since forgotten."

Writing Below the Belt: Conversations with Erotic Authors, by Michael Rowe

Writing Below the Belt: Conversations with Erotic Authors


Michael's first book was a groundbreaking study of erotica and popular culture as seen through the eyes of fourteen of America's best erotic authors, as well as a devastating indictment of censorship in literature and the arts.


PRIDE (with Angel John Guerra)

PRIDE (with Angel John Guerra)

Coming Spring 2024

Douglas & McIntyre

INSURRECTION (with Nate Gowdy)

INSURRECTION (with Nate Gowdy)

January 2023

Pigeon Editions

Edited works

Queer Fear II - An original anthology edited by Michael Rowe

Queer Fear II


This second volume includes among its stories new work by some stars of the previous volume—International Horror Guild Award winners Gemma Files and Michael Marano, Bram Stoker Award winners David Nickle and Edo van Belkom, and screenwriter Ron Oliver.

Queer Fear - An original anthology edited by Michael Rowe

Queer Fear


A striking and groundbreaking collection of gay horror fiction by some of today's hottest authors and talented newcomers, covering a wide spectrum of creatures of the night and all manners of urban terrors.

Michael Rowe